Sarasota Surrey Cab Co ... V2

Randy Giffen (left) has sold the Sarasota Surrey Cab Co to new Sarasota resident Wayne Harris. They both have pretty interesting backgrounds.

I met them both today at the Sarasota EmPOWERed at G. WIZ ... it was pretty fun. They hope to have the company up and running "any day now"...

Randy sold to move to Costa Rica to open up a home health business... he got tired of "waiting on the permitting process with city hall"

I'd like to wish them both the best of luck in their new adventures.


new pedicab company

Hello Joe, I just wanted to let you know that the Sarasota Pedicab Company is up and cabbing! I've been out and about downtown Sarasota for about 45 days now,having a great time! I understand that you are owed a free ride. Let's Roll! email me or give me a call @724-2244 for that ride. thanks Mike Seager

Cute entry! Hope they are

Cute entry! Hope they are happy and I wish them good luck with the home health business.

Best of Luck

I am waiting till I can get a ride! Maybe this week

Sarasota Surrey update


Randy did all the heavy lifting to get the pedicab ordinance passed, so I can appreciate his frustration with City Hall. But the final result of his hard work and City staff's is a really good ordinance - one that I think will ensure public safety while enabling responsible operators to offer pedicab service profitably.

At any rate, the recent delays I've experienced in getting Sarasota Surrey Company launched have nothing to do with City Hall. I had the unfortunate luck to hook up with an insurance agent who delayed my coverage by almost a month (long story) - and then sold me coverage that apparently does not meet the City's reasonable minimum requirements. I am now in the process of securing coverage well beyond the City's minimum requirements from a different agent. That should happen tomorrow!

My other big issue is storage. which is still not completely resolved. Currently I'm in City Storage on 10th Way - an excellent facility but too far from downtown to be a permanent solution. If anybody out there has any ideas about how to get my pedicabs closer to downtown without breaking the bank, please let me know. All I require is covered space with an opening at least 50 inches wide. If the space requires fencing to secure it, I'll provide it at my expense. I've approached a couple of parking garages with this offer - so far without success.

One amplification . . . I grew up in Sarasota, so I guess that makes me a reNEWed resident.:)