Real Protest - Battles of Lexington and Concord were April 19th

The battles of Lexington and Concord were fought on April 19, 1775. Reading the account in wikipeda it makes one think about the courage the locals showed ... and wonder why they were so motivated to make change happen ... was it really just taxes? Bet they didn't pay anywhere near what we pay now....

So at last weeks Tea Party Sarasota had a few hundred well healed people out with signs protesting while back then they had over 2,000 people out with guns ready to fight the British.

Certainly times are very different but it's worth reading this account of what happen. They were fighting for personal freedom

PS I am 100% against violence to achieve anything worthwhile ... so I am not advocating a violent revolution.... more of a rEVOLution



Joe, since you're in reading mode, you might enjoy Sarah Vowell's latest called "The Wordy Shipmates," about the early influence of the church(es) on revolutionary thinking in the 1600-1800 frame. All the founding fathers were conscientious church-goers, even though most were what we'd now call agnostics. What brought them in was a forum for debate about ideas. The long struggle (Reformation, Counter-Reformation, C of E formation etc) over man's conception of god moved to man's conception of man. The pulpit remained the focus of discussion and debate, as well as the post-clerical confabs. Vowell defies any pigeonholing, writing as a historian, humorist, satirist, thinker. Her earlier book "Assassination Vacation" was an eye-opener as well. s/StanZ