Downtown Sarasota may become hub for tricycle cabs

Another transit option may be coming to Downtown Sarasota. People power to get you around... read it in the Sarasota Herald Tribune

"Randy Giffen's thoughts are now taking shape as the Sarasota Surrey Cab Co.
Giffen wants to introduce “pedicabs” to downtown Sarasota.

The transportation service would be similar to taxis but without the polluting combustion engines. Tricycle carriages, with licensed drivers, would carry residents and tourists to and from hotels, condos, theaters and restaurants.

It’s an untried idea in a downtown where a county-operated trolley service recently failed to attract enough passengers.

“If it’s not done in a proper way, it could be an embarrassment for the city,” Giffen said. “It’s imperative that it be done right.”

I guess I can ride one to the water taxi stop...


Congratulations !!!

I just saw the City Commission approve your proposal. It sounds great!

Sarasota Surrey Company

I wish to announce our membership with the Downtown Partnership Assc. and the Main Street Merchants Assc. we are pleased, and honored to be members. Sincerely Randy Giffen

Sarasota Eyes Tricycle Cabs for Downtown

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