If you know this person tell her I think the sign is way off base

I saw this on Creative Loafing's coverage of the "Tea Party" in Sarasota. Most of the pictures were fine -- some of them pretty funny signs.

But I think this one is way out of line.... there is no way we have had 200 years of great government .... and I just don't think President Obama is any worse that the previous occupants of the White House... especially based on the short time he has been there..



I agree 100% Joe.

So sad

She just jumped on the bandwagon. I bet if you took her aside she would have a different opinion.


Just followed your link to Creative Loafing's coverage, and there I am! I'm the one in red with the sign saying "Please, teach a congressman to read." :-D

My beefs

My big beefs are:

term limits would be nice
read the bills they vote on